Recent Updates to Your Unique Webpage

We’re always looking for ways to improve our Referral program, and this month we’ve been focusing on the personal referral webpages. We’ve made several significant changes to these pages—and most of these changes are the result of suggestions from referrers like you!

  • Video – To help your contacts learn more about the Career Step programs, the opportunities in these career fields, and the experiences of students and graduates, we’ve added a short video. Be sure to check it out so you know what your contacts are learning!
  • Links to more information – We’ve had several requests to provide a way for your contacts to access more information on the training programs, so we’ve added additional links. However, we’ve also built these links to ensure that you’ll still receive credit if your contact submits their information on another page.
  • MyCAA information – We’ve added this information to make sure that any military spouses visiting your unique webpage are aware of this excellent funding opportunity.

Take a moment to preview the new personal referral webpages. If you’d like to see your own unique webpage with the new changes, simply paste this link into your address bar——and replace the last 5 digits with your own Referrer ID. (If you’ve forgotten your Referrer ID, email me at and I can look it up for you.)

Thanks for sending us your thoughts on making your referral page a more useful tool. What do you think of the new changes?

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