Choice & Savings: Benefits of Online Education

Benefits of Online EducationLast month we kicked off our Top 10 Benefits of Online Education series. Our goal is to help you better understand why students choose to go to school online (or at least why they should be considering it). In this post we’re going to take a closer look at our first two benefits—choice and savings.

Picking up and moving to the college with the program of your dreams is rarely a possibility. Online education offers the chance to choose from great programs regardless of where the school is based.

Remember being a little kid? Life held so many possibilities and almost anything seemed possible. As we get older it seems like things just naturally become more complicated. We gradually accumulate responsibilities—work, family, financial obligations—which often limit our choices and options. While picking up and leaving everything behind to attend the school with the best program might have been a possibility when you were 18 or 19, it’s rarely that easy when you’ve waited another decade or so.

This is why online education is such an appealing option—especially to non-traditional students. Non-traditional students aren’t your typical 18-year-old college freshmen. They’re usually older and they work and/or have significant family responsibilities. They just can’t pick up and leave everything to attend their dream school or, sometimes, even have the option of attending classes at the local community college. But online education makes great programs available to these students, regardless of those limitations.

With online training, students can choose from excellent programs, uniquely tailored to the specific career they’re interested in, without being limited by geographic location, class sizes, or schedules. Online education restores a wide variety of choices to those students who are usually limited by their life responsibilities.

It’s no secret that education can be EXPENSIVE. Online programs are often a fraction of the cost when compared to on-campus programs.

There’s no question that education is important. There are countless studies showing that an individual’s earning potential increases relative to their level of education, but, like anything else, that education comes at a price.

If you’re attending an on-campus college or university you can expect to pay tuition, buy textbooks, pay for room and board or the gas needed for commuting, as well as the occasional class specific cost like lab fees. Students with children may also have to pay for daycare or babysitting while they attend classes, and there can also be significant opportunity costs such as missing work in order to attend class or working a reduced number of hours to accommodate a class schedule.

In contrast, online programs often include everything you need (online materials, textbooks, etc.), they eliminate the costs of commuting to and from campus as well as the need for daycare or babysitting, and they allow students to study on a schedule that works with existing work or family schedules. All of this usually adds up to significant savings.

That wraps up our discussion on the first 2 benefits on our top 10 list. In our next post we’ll be talking about online education’s unprecedented flexibility and convenience.

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