Create Space

It’s October!  In many parts of America, the temperatures are cooling, the leaves are falling, and our focus is more and more indoors. With the holidays on our heels, it’s important to create space in your schedule and space in your home for study so you won’t get pulled off track with all the fun distractions.

Visit or revisit the Study Planner tool in your program and spend some time making or updating progress goals. Print out these goals or transfer them to a calendar, and post them prominently.  Checking off weekly or daily progress on the calendar can be extremely satisfying!

Create an organized, pleasant, and comfortable study area for yourself.  Use a chair that supports your back and allows your feet to rest flat on the ground.  Make sure your desk is a comfortable height so you can work the keyboard and mouse with your elbows at a 90-degree angle, or more. Treat yourself to an ergonomic keyboard to further lessen strain on your wrists and hands. Adjust the light so it’s not beating down from overhead or creating shadows on your monitor. Make the area neat, clean, and organized so you feel good when you sit at your workspace.

When you are in charge of your time and your space, you feel more motivated to achieve your goals.  All you need now is a nice, warm cup of your favorite cocoa and a few moments to enjoy the autumn scenery before settling in at your workspace and tackling your next module.

– Jill McNitt
Student Support Team

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