CTRL + F: Researching More Efficiently

Recently I read a survey showing that an overwhelming majority of us don’t know how to use CTRL+F. Wow! This is an essential trick that can save you lots and lots of research time—you HAVE to know how to use this.

Basically, CTRL+F allows you to search any document or web page for a letter, word, or phrase, and the computer hands you the results in a fraction of a second, instead of skimming over the content the old-fashioned way (with your tired eyeballs).

To perform this search, simply click within the content you want to search (like a medical article), and hit the control key (CTRL) and the F key on your keyboard together. Now, type in what you’re looking for (like a drug name) and click Enter.

In the blink of an eye the computer will search the entire article for any and all instances of the drug name you entered. Unlike your eyeballs, it won’t miss a single one! It will show the results as highlights in the document, making it easy for you to look at the areas where the term appears, and easily determine if you’ve found the information you need.

Give it a try! You can use this to search any Word document or webpage content—it’s very versatile. If you haven’t been using CTRL+F, you’ll be amazed!

References: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2011/08/crazy-90-percent-of-people-dont-know-how-touse-ctrl-f/243840/

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