Dear Susan: Ask an Instructor!

Dear Susan—
I need help!  I just wish I could have a teacher by my side to answer my questions while I’m doing my course, without waiting for an email or having to stop and call. I know about the forums, but it would be nice if it was quicker and easier, especially when I’m in the middle of a report and I just have a quick question.

For What it’s Worth

Dear FWIW—
Thank you for your feedback. You’re not the only person who’s told us this, and we have listened. I am very happy to let you know about our new Ask an Instructor chats! It’s a new chat option for everyone that allows you to ask a question and receive an answer from an instructor in real time. Ask an Instructor is open during Career Step office hours each weekday, and you can use it by simply logging in to the forum platform and selecting it.  You can keep the chat page up on your computer in a separate tab while you’re working in your program, and when you have a question just click on the tab and ask away!  You’ll usually get a response within a minute or two.  We’re excited about this option and hope you and everyone else will be too. It’s almost like having an instructor right alongside you! Please give it a try. ☺


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