Dear Susan: What in the World are Ebooks?

ebooksDear Susan:

I keep hearing about these things called “ebooks” for my medical transcription editor program. What are they and what are the benefits of them?


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Dear Learning:

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets (like iPads and Android tablets), we wanted to ensure our students had a way to study on the go while eliminating the need to bring heavy, physical text books along with them. Ebooks or electronic text books are a digital version of our physical text books. You can download and install them on up to 4 devices (such as your computer, another computer, and 2 mobile devices) at a time.  You will have access to them for the duration of your training.

Ebooks allow you to have up-to-date content without having to wait for the next version of a book to be updated and printed.  VitalSource (our ebook platform) also provides fantastic collaboration tools so you can study and share thoughts with other students, take notes, and highlight information as you go.  You can also have it read the book to you if you are in a place where reading is not possible—perhaps out for a run at your local park or driving home from work.

These ebooks will be very beneficial for you during the medical transcription editor program because you can have an exercise or test open on your computer and keep the ebook handy to look up any answers you are unsure of without losing your place.

Check out this video to learn more about Career Step’s ebooks:

Please contact our Operations team at 1-888-657-5752 option 2 then 1 for additional information.

I hope this helps!



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