Dear Susan: Why Choose Career Step?

Dear Susan,

I’ve been interested in medical transcription/editing for a long time, but there are so many courses out there that teach it. I can’t decide which one is best. Your Career Step medical transcription and editing course looks good, but I need to be sure before I spend the money. Why should I enroll in this course?



Dear Undecided,

Your question is very good. Of course you must be wise with your investment of time and money!

Our goal is simple. We want any graduate of our MT and MTE programs to be able to accurately and efficiently perform medical transcription (or medical transcription and editing) when they are finished. We believe that teaching a solid foundation of medical terminology and background medical information, in addition to practical training in transcribing and editing tons of actual doctor-dictated medical reports, is the most effective training to successfully enter the MT/MTE industry.

The Career Step program was developed by medical transcriptionists and professionals involved in the medical transcription industry. With more than 1000 reports to transcribe and edit, the Career Step training you receive is the most practical and comprehensive available anywhere.

Many students come to us after taking a course at another school because they’ve found they are not sufficiently prepared to get a job.  Also, many MT companies will not hire you without 2-3 years of previous experience, but for Career Step graduates, they will consider you immediately after graduation as long as they have appropriate positions available for you to fill. Many MT companies have confidence in the scope and quality of the Career Step MT and MTE courses.

I hope this helps alleviate some of your concerns!


-Susan Tuckett, CMT

CS Student Support Team

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