Decoding the Interview Questions for a Medical Coding Job

Medical coding and billing is an integral part of the healthcare industry and serves as an important part of the day-to-day operations of any healthcare facility. In order to handle all of the responsibilities the job entails, training, discipline, and professionalism are all very important factors, and employers will be on the lookout to make sure potential employees possess these qualities. If you’ve undergone medical coding and billing training and are on the lookout for a job, here are a few questions you might be asked at an interview.

Employers will almost certainly ask about your qualifications. Have you undergone formal training? Do you hold the proper certifications? Have you worked in the healthcare industry previously? Answer these questions truthfully and simply: list out all of your relevant training, how long ago you received it, and any work experience you feel might be relate. Remember that work might not have to be in the healthcare industry to be pertinent!

Be sure to talk about where you went to school and received your training. If you received your medical billing and coding training online, be sure to talk about any and all of your program’s and school’s accreditations. For instance, talk about how Career Step’s online medical billing and coding training is one of the only AHIMA-approved online certificate programs. This is an important detail that potential employers should definitely be made aware of.

Because medical coding and billing is such a technical field, don’t be surprised if your interviewer asks a few questions or even asks you to take a pre-employment test to gauge your knowledge. These might be fairly casual questions or they could form a relatively extensive inquiry into how much you know. Be prepared to talk about medical terminology, standard procedures, and protocol questions. Take some time before the interview to brush up on any rough spots you might have had during the training, so you can face the interview full of confidence and at your best!

Situational Questions
Medical coding and billing can be a stressful position at times. Some interviewers may try to analyze how you might react in certain situations by posing hypothetical questions about what you should or shouldn’t do. Potential employers will want to ensure you have the presence to keep your head in tense or uncertain situations. Again, brushing up on general policies and protocols ahead of time can go a long way toward boosting your confidence.

Any job in the healthcare industry is going to require solid ethical standing. Employers may want to know your opinion on certain issues surrounding healthcare. A neutral, well-researched, and above all unbiased answer will probably be your best bet. Everyone is, of course, entitled to their opinions, but presenting an opinion in the right way can be as important as the opinion itself. Read up on current issues, like insurance and government healthcare reform, and know how these are affecting the industry as a whole.

As with any job, the best way to secure medical billing and coding jobs is to acquire the necessary training from a reputable institute, present your skills and knowledge in a confident, forthright manner, and be calm and collected during the interview. With a solid foundation and the right medical coding and billing training, you can easily show how qualified you are to any potential employer.

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