Did you know?! Gateway to Other Healthcare Careers

Training as a medical administrative assistant can open doors to other healthcare professions if you decide to move within the industry!  The following are just a few of the other areas you could work in, which may require additional training.

Medical Records and Health Information Technician: A medical records technician is the ruler of the medical records!  As a medical records tech your job would be to make sure all charts are complete and accurate.  You will also process any medical records requests by making sure all the appropriate release forms are signed and copying the records that need to be to sent.  If a physician needs a chart or any information from a chart, it will be your job to get the information to them.

Medical Assistant: Medical assistants work with patients to determine their primary reason for a visit. They ###### patients to their rooms, take vitals, and ask questions relating to the patient’s symptoms or reason for the visit. Medical assistants also get to perform other medical procedures like EKGs, blood draws, urinalysis, and more.


Medical Transcriptionist: Physicians record medical information on mini recorders so that they can log information during surgeries and other medical procedures. These recordings must be transcribed into written form to make them easier to reference later on, which is where medical transcriptionists come in. This is a great job with flexible hours (many medical transcriptionists work from home) where you listen to recording and type them out for the medical record.


Medical Office Manager: There is always someone to oversee all the employees in the office. This person hires, trains, and schedules all employees. They may also work closely with the physicians and back office employees. As an office manager it would be your job to make sure that all areas of the office are running smoothly and all issues are taken care of.

As you can see, a career as a medical administrative assistant could be the starting point for many other exciting opportunities in the future!

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