Digital Transformation: You Have the Power!

executive assistantMany companies are slow to adapt new technology and processes—largely because change is scary and difficult to coordinate—especially if the company is a big one. As an executive assistant, though, you have the unique power to encourage transformation when it comes to adopting new processes and technology. You may now allow yourself to be called a superhero. Why are you a superhero? Please allow me to elaborate on why you’re adding this special title to your repertoire.

As an executive assistant, you are the trusted aide to your CEO or executive. They trust you to keep things running smoothly so they can specifically focus on making the business profitable. You wouldn’t be their assistant if they didn’t trust you.  That trust provides you with the unique privilege of “having their ear.” More than anyone else, you can advise them on what is needed to make the company’s processes run more smoothly.

Simple enough, right? Yes, but here are a few tips to use your super power intelligently.

Get Creative

If you seek out creative and inexpensive ways to make your company run more smoothly and efficiently, you are golden. Initiative is a huge part of being an executive assistant, and it will play a vital role in digital transformation.

If something just isn’t working for you, think outside the box. Research a lot of different options, and don’t be afraid to talk to people within your company who may have more information about the subject. As an executive assistant, you may not be a software engineer, but you probably know a few of them in your company and can seek their expertise.

Solidify Your Idea

Make sure you’ve fully thought out your plan and inspected all avenues so you can provide your executive with a few very solid options. If your options are flighty and not fully conceptualized, your executive may not be able to see their value. There will likely be objections that arise when suggesting innovation, so it’s a good idea to try to foresee those objections and be prepared with details on how you feel the company can overcome them with the new technology or processes. Be prepared to discuss the benefits and pitfalls in your presentation. Solid ideas have considered most, if not all, eventualities.

Get Your Timing Right

You may have the most epic idea in the world but it won’t mean anything if your executive is too rushed or busy to hear it. Try to plan your pitch for a time when the company isn’t at its busiest and your boss has a bit of headspace to consider your suggestions.  Also, it’s best to schedule a formal meeting to discuss your innovation rather than just slipping it into casual conversation—most of us do not remember half of what we discuss in casual conversation.

The cliché superhero statement is, “With great power comes great responsibility.” It’s true, but now that you know how to use your power intelligently, you can help transform your company for the better. Go forth, superhero executive assistants. Go forth!

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