Seeing the Humanity When Transcribing

doctor dictatingSometimes as medical transcriptionists, it’s easy to judge a doctor’s dictation style, location, voice, accent, and circumstances without giving any thought to the fact that they are humans just like us. One of the most exciting parts of being a transcriptionist is catching the little gems when a doctor “let’s his/her hair down” a little and the personalities shine through. Here’s a collection of some of our favorite moments from Career Step’s Student and Graduate Community.

• “Hope you enjoyed your flight with us today!” This was at the end of a recent dictation. Just made me snicker.

• That’s funny! Once, after a surgery report, the doctor said, “Thank you for joining us today. Join us again next week when we continue to take out more gallbladders!” I wasn’t expecting that, and it made me laugh so hard!

• I have this one doc who sounds really nice. He occasionally sings parts of the report in an Elvis mimicry. Cracks me up every time.

• I love when I get one that has a sense of humor. The other night I had one that after he said the patient’s name, which was Wilbur, he repeated it as “Wiiilllllllbbbbbuuuuurrr.” I assume it comes from a movie or a show but I can’t figure what. Anyway, it was funny.

• Too funny! I’ll share my doctor funny for the week. I have a doc who is the absolute worst doc to transcribe. The man never dictates a complete sentence. Anyway, at the end of the report he says “Please send this incredibly brilliant note to…” Methinks he’s fond of himself.

• At the end of a report today, the doctor dictated, “I have talked with the patient about smoking. In fact, I am going to send him upstairs to the clinic today and have the surgeon sew his lips shut so he cannot smoke.” This totally threw me off for a second. This doctor dictates while the patient is in the room with him, so you could hear the patient and his wife’s response laughing and protesting. Made me crack up!

• [This] is a report w/ a letter to the referring doctor. “Thank you for referring whoever this is.” I laughed so hard my tummy ached. I wipe the tears, start working again, think of that…then burst into laughter all over again.

• My MT friend told me that one of her doctors was dictating a report about a child and said “Both he and his parental units” then he stopped and said, “Both he and his parents”… She thought he had been watching Coneheads too much lol.

• For over 10 seconds while this doctor was collecting his thoughts, he hummed Jingle Bells.

• This was funny. Last night, the radiologist was dictating an exam and he says, “History of OSA. I have no idea what OSA is but that’s what they wrote as the reason for the scan.” I had a good laugh over that. I even said out loud, “OSA is obstructive sleep apnea, silly.” LOL

• LOL ~ Kind of nice when you realize they are only human, huh?

• That’s awesome. Things like that make me smile while I’m working. This morning I had a doc speak specifically to me, “Transcriptionist, ……Thanks and have a good day.” I loved it; it just reminds me that some do think about us and respect what we are doing on the other end.

• A little kid’s voice: “Oh no, I am recording. Stop!!” I suppose the doctor’s little one got a hold of the recorder…

• Oh how funny! smile Times like this are what I think will keep this profession fresh and human. These aren’t just voices on a sound file – they are real live human beings who just happen to have a very important job. I’ve had several people tell me that they couldn’t imagine doing MT for a living because they need the human interaction too much. We get human interaction – it’s just that the human on the other side of the sound file can’t talk back! It sounds like the perfect setup to me!

• The other night a doctor said, “This is Dr. XXX dictating an ER report, while eating peanut M&Ms, I apologize.” I laughed so loud when he said that!

• The other day the physician gave me a chuckle…..he was describing a Past Surgical History and was trying to list herniorrhaphy. He tried 4 times to pronounce it, then laughed and said “oh, heck, he had a hernia repaired!”

• I love it when doctor’s throw in a little humor to break up the monotony! It lets you know they are still human!

So the next time you get frustrated with the doctor you’re dictating for and start criticizing things about them, just keep this list in mind. They’re human, just like you!

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One thought on “Seeing the Humanity When Transcribing

  1. Lea says:

    They are also trained professionals who should, based on their supreme education, on how to pronounce and spell medical terminology. If they had to transcribe their own dictation, they would clean up their act and not talk through yawns, talk while eating or rolling a piece of hard candy around in their mouth, dictate with others laughing or talking excessively loud in the background (or vice versa, be loud if you are in the room with someone dictating). Yes they are human and its easy to overlook a child interfering, a dog barking, etc. but HUGE pet peeve of mine is eating while dictating — that can be prevented.

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