Experience From The Field

Many students without prior experience as an administrative assistant may wonder about the industry, what they will be doing, or what their responsibilities will be once they enter the work place. If you fall into this category, take a look at some comments about one administrative assistant’s experience.

“As an administrative assistant you have the opportunity to work in various fields and have a variety of experiences which you may not expect.  Universities, government agencies, corporate settings, law firms, and so many others need administrative assistants to keep their departments on track.  I had the opportunity of being an administrative assistant for a financial advisor who also happened to be the treasurer of a national non-profit organization.  I wasn’t familiar with either industry, but I soon found myself picking up the lingo and the inner workings of both sectors.  I’ve often heard that the administrative assistant is the backbone of the office and that couldn’t have been more true for me.  I was the employee that kept things running smoothly during turbulent and busy times.  I found it to be a great field that is challenging yet still very fun.” 

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