Expert Insight on the State of the Medical Transcription

Remember at the end of July when we told you about our State of the Medical Transcription Industry campaign?

We talked about how we know it’s easy for us to TELL you that medical transcription is alive and well but you need credible resources that SHOW your contacts this industry is (still) a great choice. We talked about our medical transcription ebook, and told you about our plans to host an industry panel discussion with M*Modal, Nuance, Amphion, and AHDI. Well, we’re pleased to announce that our panel discussion was a huge success and we have the videos to prove it!

Meet our experts

While our experts were available, we also took the opportunity to conduct one-on-one interviews—which, resulted in some amazing content. The interviews are broken out by individual questions, such as is there still a need for MTs, how is the industry changing, etc. You can get the answers to all of the questions in our 12-minute montage, and we’ve also created a short video for each question.

Is there still a need for medical transcriptionists and will there be one in the future?

What are the biggest challenges currently facing the medical transcription industry?

What changes are industry challenges bringing?

What skills do medical transcriptionists need to be successful?

Watch the entire, 1-hour panel discussion here:

Even though it requires a bit of a time commitment to watch the entire discussion (we’re working on getting an mp3 version too!), I highly recommend taking the time to watch it. There are some PHENOMENAL comments that you could use as quotes as you’re talking to potential students.

We’re working on getting these videos added to your referral webpage—they should be up in the next week or so.

We’re thrilled with how these videos turned out. What do you think?

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