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Depending on who you ask, Facebook is touted as everything from the most useful tool in staying connected since the invention of the telephone to the biggest time waster of the 21st century. However, no matter your opinions, there’s no denying that Facebook is a phenomenal resource when it comes to sharing news with your friends and family. With one quick status update or link share, you can easily tell everyone about your Career Step success and how they can train for a new career as well.

This month, because we’re offering new students the opportunity to get a free iPad and electronic textbooks with their enrollment, we’ve put together some examples of posts that you could use on Facebook to share this opportunity with your network.

    • I trained with Career Step when I changed careers, and this month they’re offering new students a free iPad when they enroll! If you’re interested in training for a new career, check out Career Step here: [insert your referral webpage link]
    • If you’re interested in training for a new career and want a free iPad you should check out Career Step. I can highly recommend their training cause I used it, and the iPads they’re offering this month have all of the textbooks on them so you can study away from your computer. For more details visit: [insert referral webpage link]
    • Career Step, an online school with training programs designed to help you start working in a year or less, is offering a free iPad with enrollment this month! If you’ve been thinking about training for a new career or working from home, this is a great time to check them out: [insert referral webpage link]

Of course, you have your own voice and your own Career Step story and you know your friends and family best, so post what you think will work best—these are just examples to give you ideas!  Just be sure that your friends and family know that now is a great time to start working toward a brighter future!

Have you used Facebook before when referring people to Career Step? Was it effective for you?

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