Facebooking for Referrals: Begin Again

This week’s Facebook idea is all about learning from our mistakes and starting again. Do you know someone who wants to change their career but is afraid to start again? Share this inspirational quote by following these 3 simple steps:

1. Right click on the image below and choose “Save As”
2. Choose “Upload Photos” and select the photo
3. Use one of our suggested status updates or create your own personalized message

failure begin again

Suggested Text:

Life not what you planned? Try again with a new career. It’s affordable, and you can begin your new career in as little as 3 months! Get more info at www.referral.careerstep.com/refxxxxx

Let’s face it, despite our best efforts we occasionally fail to achieve our goals. If you’re looking to start again with a new career, you should go back to school with Career Step. Change your life by visiting www.referral.careerstep.comref/xxxxx today!

Being married to the military, I thought I would never be able to have a career. Thanks to Career Step I was able to train online for a career that allows me to work from home. And with MyCAA funding, I was able to get the training I needed for FREE! Want to change your life? Visit www.careerstep.com/mycaa-funds?uid=refxxxxx today.

Remember to replace the “xxxxx”s with the actual numbers of your referrer ID. Forgot your referrer ID? Send us an email at referral@careerstep.com, and we’ll be happy to provide it to you.

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