Facebooking for Referrals: High School Seniors

This week’s Facebook focus is on graduating high school seniors. Do you know that after graduation, high school seniors can enroll in Career Step courses? Going to school for two or three years isn’t for everyone and Career Step’s career-focused certificate programs can help high school graduates get off on the right foot!

Help us spread the word with your friends and family by sharing our Education Options after High School infographic. All you need to do is:

1. Copy and paste https://www.careerstep.com/blog/career-step-news/infographic-education-options-after-high-school?uid=refxxxxx onto your Facebook page. (Remember to replace the “x”s with the actual numbers of your referrer ID before you paste it.)
2. Share your own message or use one of our suggestions below.

High School Infographic

Suggested Text:

Are you a high school senior or know someone who is? Check out this cool infographic for some great education and career opportunities that will get you in, out and working!

A four year degree isn’t for everyone. Check out this cool infographic from Career Step to see what other options are available to you!

Remember in order to get credit for the referral, you’ll need to replace the xxxxx with the actual numbers of your referrer ID. Send us an email at referral@careerstep.com if you’ve forgotten your referrer ID. We’re always happy to look it up for you and answer any questions you might have about the Referral Program.

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