Facebooking for Referrals: Imagine a New Life

This week’s Facebook page idea is all about imaging a new life with a new career. Our graduates tell us all the time going to school at Career Step was one of the best decisions they made. So, this is your opportunity to share your success story with your friends and family! Who knows, you might even inspire them to do the same.

As a reminder, to share this on Facebook, all you need to do is follow these easy steps:

1. Right click on the image below
2. Choose “Save As”
3. Save to a place on your computer where you can find it again
4. On your Facebook page choose “Upload Photos”

While it’s best to share your own success story, if you find yourself at a loss for words, feel free to use one of our suggested posts below. Just be sure you direct them to your referral webpage so you’ll get credit for the referral.

Imagine a New Life with Career Step

Suggested Text:

I never imagined how different my life would be after graduating from Career Step! I now have a job that allows me to provide for my family while still working from home. Imagine a new life for yourself, and take the first step toward achieving that goal by visiting referral.careerstep.com/refxxxxx

Are you dreaming of a different life for yourself? You can start down the path toward a new career today by visiting referral.careerstep.com/refxxxxx

As a graduate of Career Step I now have the job I’d always dreamed of! And best of all, I was able to go back to school for FREE with MyCAA funding. If you’ve started imagining a different life for yourself, you should consider a career certificate program with Career Step. Visit their page for more information: referral.careerstep.com/refxxxxx

Don’t forget to replace the xxxxx with the actual numbers of your referrer ID. Forgot your referrer ID? Send us an email at referral@careerstep.com, and we’ll be happy to look it up for you.

How has Career Step changed your life? We’d love to hear your story in the comments section below!

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