Facebooking for Referrals: Spring Cleaning Your Career

In honor of the first day of spring yesterday, we thought this week’s Facebook idea should be all about “spring cleaning” your life and starting down the path of a new career with one of Career Step’s certificate programs.

In case you need it, here are some easy steps on how to post to Facebook, along with suggestions of what to post.

1. Right click on the image below.
2. Select “Save As.”
3. Save to your computer.
4. On your Facebook page choose “Upload Photos” and select the image.
5. Share your own “spring cleaning” story in your status update, or use one of our suggestions below.

Suggested Text:

Are you as happy as I am that spring is finally here? If you are looking to do some “spring cleaning” in your life, you might want to check out the courses Career Step has to offer. I know I’m glad I did! www.referral.careerstep.com/refxxxxx

Do you want to make a fresh start for yourself? You can start down the path toward a new career today by visiting www.referral.careerstep.com/refxxxxx

As a graduate of Career Step I now have the job I’d always dreamed of! And best of all, I was able to go back to school for FREE with MyCAA funding. If you’re looking to do a little “spring cleaning” in your life, you should consider a career certificate program with Career Step. Visit their page for more information: www.referral.careerstep.com/refxxxxx

To ensure you receive credit for the referral, remember to replace the xxxxx with the actual numbers of your referral ID. If you’ve forgotten your referral ID, send us an email at referral@careerstep.com, and we’ll look it up for you!

Do you have your own success story you’d be willing to share? We’d love to hear it in the comments section below!

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