Facebooking for Referrals: Useful, Real-World Education

With the rising cost of education, this week’s Facebook post idea is on another reason why so many students choose Career Step when going back to school—useful, real-world education.
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Suggested Text:

There are no filler classes here! Everything you’ll learn in a Career Step program is included to help you get a job and be successful after graduation.  Get started on your new career today by visiting www.referral.careerstep.com/refxxxxx

Looking for a career that is in demand? Career Step offers useful, real-world education specifically designed to make sure you’re ready for the workforce as soon as you graduate (which you can do in as little as 3 months!). Find out more at www.referral.careerstep.com/refxxxxx

Are you a military spouse looking for a new career? With MyCAA funding you may be able to go back to school for free, and Career Step education ensures you get the real-world education you need to be successful! See if you qualify by visiting www.referral.careestep.com/mycaa?UID=refxxxxx

Don’t forget to replace the xxxxx with the actual numbers of your referrer ID. Forgot your referrer ID? Send us an email at referral@careerstep.com, and we can look it up for you.

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