Four Years and Counting on the Military Friendly Schools List!

Miltary Friendly School logoIt’s no secret that we do a lot to share our message with the military community. Our programs are an ideal fit for many military spouses and service members because of their portability, short completion timelines, and focus in healthcare and technology. The MyCAA program completely covers our tuition costs, and many of our most successful referrers are military spouses themselves. And on that note… we’re proud to announce that Career Step has been named to the Military Friendly Schools® list for the fourth year in a row!

We’re thrilled with this recognition—but you might be wondering what it really means to be a military friendly school. The Military Friendly Schools® list is put together by G.I. Jobs Magazine, and each year they’ve raised their standards for the schools making the list. Over 10,000 colleges, universities, and trade schools nationwide were considered, and this year’s final list included only the top 20% of these institutions.

To make the list, schools must have a variety of proactive programs and policies for student support, academic accreditation, credit policies, flexibility, and other services specifically for military students. Career Step’s efforts in these areas include dedicated military student support advisors; MyCAA program approval as well as GI Bill and military tuition assistance approval through a few of our academic partners; participation in the U.S. Department of Defense’s Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP); and support and attendance of numerous military family events all over the country each year.

We’ve also put together a number of resources to help you tell military spouses and service members about Career Step. Check out the new military tab on your referral webpage, our MyCAA ebook, our tips on spreading the word in military communities, or a few of our spotlights on referrers who are military spouses (such as Allie Weber or Lauren Robinson).

Have any suggestions on how we can improve our efforts to support military spouses or another resource you’d like us to make available? Take a minute to share your suggestions in the comments below!

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