From Student to Graduate: The Road Map to Your Success!

Career Step’s Medical Coding and Billing Program Features
It’s hard to plan a road trip without a map and without a route in mind, and it’s hard to enjoy a trip without some sites to see along the way and some places to stop for food and gas. Especially if the trip is a long one, it’s difficult to reach your destination without those essential stops along the way and resources to help you out. Graduation and finding employment as a coder might seem like a destination that is still far away while you’re a student, so Career Step offers a number of tools and resources available to help keep you on track and reach your destination successfully.

Orientation Consultation
This group consultation is offered to students who have just enrolled in the medical coding and billing training program. It reviews items discussed in the Program Orientation—specifically the Tips for Success section. Featured discussion items include the best way to complete the course, resources and tools available, and things to keep in mind as you’re working through your coursework. This consultation is held bimonthly on Thursdays at9:30 a.m. MST, and it is conducted by one of our Coding Support advisors through a toll-free number.

Career Step’s Medical Coding Student Forum
The Career Step Student forum exists for students of Career Step’s medical coding and billing program to research, ask questions, share information and tips for success, and find (or provide) encouragement and support. The forums are private—only Career Step students, graduates, staff members, and industry professionals allowed—so it’s very safe, searchable, and helpful. If you prefer not to interact you don’t have to—you are welcome to just read and benefit from the information already there. If you are short on time you don’t have to read through everything—simply use the Find feature to locate the conversations and information in which you are interested. Almost every question you will ever have during the course has been discussed on the forums, and often in great detail! Course announcements and scheduled chat schedules are also found here. If you haven’t discovered the forums you could be missing out on a lot!

Bi-Monthly Coding Chats
Coding chats allow you to ask questions and receive answers in real-time. The second and fourth Wednesdays are days to keep marked on your calendar as members of the support team and members of the Career Step medical coding community will gather to attend, exchanging valuable information that can be extremely helpful to students and graduates alike. All chats are logged in the Career Step Resources forums, and are very helpful to read if you are unable to attend every chat, or want to catch up on some information that was discussed in a previous chat.

Daily Blitz Chats
The newest feature of the Career Step program allows students access to the support team weekdays from 12:00 to 12:15 MST for answers to any questions you might have about any Career Step program. Even though it’s a quick 15 minutes, there is a lot of valuable information available for Career Step students. Students can also access an ongoing transcript of the blitz chats for needed information or for later review.

As an industry leader, and one of the most common coding software databases used on-site at hospitals and medical facilities, 3M is an exciting resource we offer to our students enrolled in our Inpatient Outpatient Medical Coding and Billing Program. With access to medical dictionaries, manuals, desk references, diagrams and tables coders need on a daily basis, 3M is an incredible resource that is important to become familiar with early on in program. Students enrolled in the Outpatient Medical Coding and Billing Course will still be sent hard copies\ of the references they need, and do not receive with 3M.

Coding Consultation
Student Support offers coding consultations every Tuesday at 4:00pm MST and Thursday at 10:30am to all students who have begun the coding portion of the course, or who are currently working anywhere in the coding modules. The transition from the first half of the course to the coding coursework can be difficult, and this consultation works to facilitate that transition and provide you with tips for coding success. During this consultation advisors will discuss using the three code books, specifically best practices for consulting ICD-9-CM guidelines and CPT guidelines, paying close attention to documentation, and how to accurately use the Index and Tabular List. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to maximize their training and to help them become proficient and productive medical coders Please feel free to contact us at to schedule a date and time.

Pre-Practicum Consultation
Coding Student Support also offers pre-practicum consultations. Just before jumping into approximately 150 hours of practicum coding authentic medical records, we want to make sure you have the resources you need to succeed during that portion of the program. Discussion topics include advice on pacing yourself through the reports, using your code books appropriately, and preparation for the final and certification exam after graduation. These consultations are held Mondays at 4:00pm MST and on Wednesdays at 10:30 am MST.

Tech Support Team
Isn’t technology grand—until your system decides to crash, then you wonder why we invented computers at all. Have no fear! Our Technical Support Team can help you with numerous issues that would impede you from doing the course. They can help you with sound file players, course page bugs, and basic 3M support. If there’s something they can’t fix, they will work with you or direct you to where you can find a solution.

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