From the Desk of a Coding Graduate Advisor

Will I get a job when I’m done? I don’t feel ready; am I really prepared to do this?

As a graduate advisor, this is one of the most common questions and concerns I hear voiced from students and graduates. You put time, money, and a lot of energy into studying for a new career, and you want to be sure it will feel worthwhile when you’re done. Although we can’t predict the future or apply and interview on your behalf, we have a lot of resources available to help you, and we want you to know that you have the potential to be successful! The skills and training are in place for you to make it, and we hear from graduates everyday that have accomplished just that. 

Recently, a few of our graduates wanted a chance to express their gratitude and encourage future students as they continue working through the program. Although these four graduates only represent a fraction of the graduates out there that have accomplished so much, take a minute to read what they have to say, and keep their words in mind as you work toward your goals:

I appreciate the Career Step Coding and Billing course more every day. I’ve been working at my new job in Jacksonville, FL, for three weeks now. Knowing the meaning of a medical term, or how to use the anesthesia crosswalk, or the anatomy of the wrist makes me very pleased that I found Career Step. Each day I am grateful for the excellent training I received through the course. No kidding, I know many graduates said this, but now I also know why: it is absolutely true that Career Step has one of the best Coding courses anywhere.  I’ve talked to many other coders, and when I tell them what I learned they just sigh, because their courses were not nearly so comprehensive. Thank you so much!
– Diane Spoehr (Saint Johns, FL)

I feel the Career Step Medical Billing and Coding program really prepared me to understand coding and all that goes along with it, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, etc. The program was very thorough. I loved that it was self-paced which allowed me to work full-time and finish the program at my own speed. After graduating from Career Step, I was able to pass the AAPC CPC exam. I have also been fortunate enough to find employment as an ER coder for a hospital in Las Vegas. The program at Career Step was excellent and really prepared me for my new career as a coder. Thank you Career Step!
– Diana Hutchings (Las Vegas, NV)

To say that Career Step helped me to hit the ground running right after graduation would be an understatement. The program did all that for me, and more. Not only did I pass the CPC exam the first time, I also got hired within two months after finishing the program in January. Some people at work were surprised when they found out I did my studies online because they say I have an excellent grasp of the coding concepts. And it’s really all thanks to CS and the wonderful instructors who were always on deck to answer my questions—-and there must have been a gazillion of them (Hi Randy, Cari & Rebecca!)! Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for helping me make this smooth career transition!
– Joyce Kilgore, CPC-A (North Charleston, SC)

I was hired by UPI in March. I work in such a pleasant environment. My employer wants her employees to enjoy coming to work and I do. I had a lot of anxiety during the certification test, and I haven’t passed it yet, but I know I will obtain my certification the next time. I have learned in life that if you really want something and you fail the first time, try again. If it comes too easy, you will not appreciate it as much.
– Frances Paris (Denver, CO)

The Career Step program is hard work! If it weren’t so, we couldn’t be as confident that it prepares you for a challenging certification exam and ultimately the challenge of the workplace. Take inspiration from past graduates that have the confidence looking back on their training, and don’t underestimate your potential! When the program or the job search gets hard, keep working at it, and stay positive. There are opportunities out there. Set your sights high, and keep working toward your goals. Congratulations to all the past and future graduates that worked hard through something that wasn’t easy, and can now appreciate it that much more!

-Jenae Walker (Graduate Advisor)

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