Get More Referrals at Summer Events!

With summer comes warmer weather and fun outdoor events like music festivals, family reunions and craft fairs. Whether you’re just playing at the pool with the kids or volunteering at a local charity run, these events are a great opportunity to increase your referrals!

But how do you do that? We thought you’d never ask!

Share your story

The easiest way to get more referrals is to simply tell everyone you meet about your experience and how Career Step has improved your life. Sure our friends and family have probably already heard our story, but what about all the random people we meet every day – whether it is at a concert or standing in line at an amusement park?  If they ask you what you do, tell them about your online course and how it changed your life. If they are looking to shake things up in their own life, chances are they will ask you for more details.

Carry a business card
The easiest way to make sure you get credit for anyone you refer is to make a business card with your Career Step referrer ID information on it. Someone you talk to in line at the grocery store might not remember your name or the school you mentioned unless you hand them a business card with all the information they need to go online or call when they get home. You can customize and print out your own referral business cards from our site or create something on your own.

Include Career Step’s information at your events

Are you having a garage sale this summer or selling items at an arts and crafts fair? Including information about Career Step’s programs along with a few of your business cards is a great way to get more referrals. We have three different fliers all about Career Step’s programs:  Build a Better Life, Start a New Career, and Fit School Around Your Life. And if you live in a military community you might want to consider printing our Military Spouse Flier. All four fliers can be customized at the bottom with your Referrer ID.

Need additional ideas? Check out our Referral Program: Getting Started in 5 Easy Steps blog post for more ideas. And of course, we love to hear from you! What has worked for you to get more referrals? Are there more resources we can provide to help you in your referral efforts? Leave your comments or suggestions below.

And of course, if you’ve forgotten your referrer information, send an email to, and we will be happy to look it up for you.

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