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If you’ve read any of our Referrer Spotlights you have probably noticed a common theme among our most successful Referrers—Facebook! Facebook is one of the easiest (and most successful) ways to share the great programs Career Step has to offer with your friends and family.

Most of us know how to share on Facebook, but do you know how to get credit for students who enroll because of your Facebook posts? The easiest ways to share on Facebook, and still get credit, are by using your referral webpage or adding your referrer ID to any Career Step webpage. Here are a few specific examples…

Use Your Referral Webpage

Post a status update about Career Step’s monthly promotion and include your referral webpage at the end of the post. For example, this month’s offer is a free iPad or up to $300 when you enroll by February 28. Your post could be: “If you’re interested in changing careers and want a free iPad, you should check out Career Step! This month they are offering a free iPad when you enroll in one of their courses. Visit [insert referral web link] for details.”

Share Career Step Pages with Your Referrer ID

Did you know that any Career Step page can link to your referrer ID? You just have to add what is called a unique ID. Let me show you how it works…

We just released a really cool infographic explaining the benefits of certificate programs like those offered by Career Step. To share this on your Facebook page (and still get credit for referrals) you would just copy the web address ( and add the following at the end: ?uid=refxxxxx</span> (the x’s would be replaced by the actual numbers in your referral ID.) For example, if your referrer ID was ref12070, you would copy and paste on your Facebook page with a short message like:

“Check out this great infographic on why certificate programs are a cost-effective and time-efficient way to start a new career.”

Looking for ideas on what to post? Follow Career Step on Facebook for great ideas on posts to share with your friends and family. All you need to do is click on the web address we share, add your unique ID to the end (?uid=refxxxxx) and then copy and paste it to your Facebook page. You can write your own message to go with it or copy and paste ours!

If you’ve forgotten your referrer ID, need your referral webpage address, or have questions on how to get more referrals using Facebook let us know! You might also want to check out our Facebook Your Way to More Referrals blog post for more ideas on what you can post to your Facebook page.

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