Referral Payments Now Made Through GiftRocket

Who doesn’t want to get paid sooner? We’re excited to announce that we’re speeding up our referral payouts by now sending payment electronically through GiftRocket! With this change you’ll…

  • Get your money sooner—no need to wait for the mail!
  • Be worry free—no stress due to lost or delayed mail or changed addresses.
  • Choose how you get paid—transfer your balance to a bank account, credit card, or gift card.

Here’s how the entire process works.

When you refer someone to Career Step we will process your payment the month following your contact’s enrollment. For example, if your friend enrolled in February, your payment will be processed in March. We process and order payments around the 20th of each month. So if you’re expecting a payment from us, starting keeping an eye out for an email from GiftRocket on the 20th.

Once you get your email, you’ll be able to visit the GiftRocket site and decide whether to transfer your balance to a bank account, apply it to a credit card, or receive it as a gift card. To see how this works, visit the GiftRocket site and click the “Check out a live demo” link on the right-hand side.

With this new system, it’s very important that we have your current email address on file. Please email us at if you need to update your information. It’s also important to note that you are still responsible for reporting and paying income tax on the money you receive, as in our previous check-based payment system.

As a reminder, standard payout levels are:

  • $100 per enrollment for 1-2 enrollments a month
  • $200 per enrollment for 3-4 enrollments a month
  • $250 per enrollment for 5 or more enrollments a month

With this structure, we reward you retroactively for referring more people within a month. For example, if you have 2 enrollments in February you would earn a $200 total payout, or $100 for each enrollment (which you’ll receive a GiftRocket payment notification via email for on about March 20th). However, if you were to have 3 enrollments in February you would earn a $600 total payout, or $200 for each enrollment. The payout level applies to all enrollments in a month—so when you refer more people, your payout increases really quickly!

If you have any questions about the new payment system via GiftRocket or the Referral Program in general, feel free to leave a comment below or email us at

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