Getting the Job You Want: The Importance of Following Up

professional managerGetting a job is about being proactive! Do not just sit and wait around for the company to get back to you after you have applied. As you are applying for companies to work for, the true work doesn’t begin until after you submit the application. Getting noticed and helping your application stand out, usually comes down to follow up.

There are 3 main areas to focus on with follow up: phone call, email, and an in-person visit. These may seem outdated, but they are excellent ways for you to stand out from other applicants who just apply online and never follow up.

As soon as you apply for a position, it’s a good idea to start planning your follow up efforts. If you have not already done so, you should create a document to keep track of the companies you are applying for that includes the date you applied and when you plan to follow up. Ideally, you should list all 3 follow-up methods and when you plan to or have completed each. So now that you’ve started your planning efforts, let’s talk about the purpose behind each follow-up method.

You should plan to call the company you’ve applied with within a week of applying. If you apply at the beginning of the week, you would want to call toward the end of the week. If you apply on a Friday, or Saturday, you can follow up on the next Tuesday.

Your phone call should be to introduce yourself, check to see if they received your application, and to make sure they don’t need anything else from you at this point of the process.

The next plan of action is an email. Your email should be sent the day after your follow-up phone call. This way the company has heard your voice, and when the email comes through the following day they will see your name. You want the company to know your name, so the email following the phone call is a perfect combination.

In-person Visit
The last step would be to visit the location of the office you are applying with. It’s a good idea to plan your visit for about a week after your follow-up phone call, and you can find the name and address of the location on the company website. You should visit the office to introduce yourself and let them know you have applied for a position with the company.

Many medical office websites include a list of their employees so you can find the name of the person in charge of the department you are applying for. If you can’t find the name, you can go into the office, and ask who would be in charge of the applicants. With the visit, the company will now know your face.

With the phone call, email, and your visit, the company will have the opportunity to learn your name and who you are as they’re working through the hiring decision process. These follow-up methods greatly improve your chances of standing out in the hiring manager’s mind as they’re deciding who to ask to come in for interviews—getting you one step closer to your new job!

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