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Everyone has unique reasons for enrolling in the coding program with Career Step, but most share a common goal—the opportunity to learn, advance, and improve the overall quality of their lives. As a graduate support team, we regularly hear from graduates that have done so, and want to encourage those that are still working toward their goals not to give up.  Here are three graduates all at different points in that process that wanted to share their experience and thoughts about what helped them.

Melissa Landis (Quarryville, PA): Currently Seeking Employment
I graduated from the Career Step Medical Coding and Billing program in March, passing my final exam as an honor graduate.  Three weeks later, I sat for my CPC-H certification and was so excited to find out that I passed.  I have been filling out job applications since then.  In the past 2 weeks, I have had 2 interviews.  The one position I interviewed for was offered to me and I am awaiting the official offer from the Human Resources Department. This is very exciting as I was starting to get discouraged but everyone was telling me to be patient and that has helped me to stay positive!

Chi C Ho (Charlotte, NC): Currently Preparing for the Certification Exam
I moved to the US 4 and a half years ago when I was thinking about my future and a new career. I did a lot of research on jobs and collected information from schools to see which industries were growing fast in the next 10 years and were without an age limit. I found that the medical industry would not be affected by global economy recession, and after considering my interest, ability, personality, and professional goals, I selected medical coding.

Career Step provided me a great program and its exclusive teaching system helped me complete my coursework. Although Career Step asked the students to spend 25-30 hours per week, I spent 55 hours a week because English is not my native language. I never felt alone as the staff accompanied and assisted me. I felt that the members of the staff at Career Step were enthusiastic, effective, caring, and professional. I passed my final exam and I am preparing to take my CPC in October. Thanks again for your assistance and encouragement.

Beth Bullock (Doylestown, PA): Currently Working in a Hospital
I’m currently a registrar at Doylestown Hospital and earned my CCA.I really liked Career Step’s curriculum.  It gave me the information I needed to start my career in the medical industry. I love my new job, which would not have been possible without my Career Step training.  It wasn’t easy, but definitely manageable, especially for me being a stay at home mom!

No matter where you might be currently in your personal journey, keep pressing forward! Congratulations to Beth, Chi, and Melissa for their hard work and great accomplishments!

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