Career Step Graduate Review: Renu

Recently we spoke to one of our Career Step pharmacy technician graduates, Renu. We asked her some questions about her experience with Career Step and here is what she had to say:

How was your overall experience with Career Step?

“My overall experience with Career Step was great. The help was readily available and the online lessons were easy to follow. I think it is better than classroom lessons due to the help available most of the time and the flexibility to learn very thoroughly with possible repetition PRN.”

How were the Pharmacy Technician Instructors, Kim and Michelle, in helping you throughout your time in the program?

“The instructors Kim and Michelle were easy to contact and did an excellent job of explaining. I was hesitant to let on that some stuff was difficult, but they made me feel at ease and were very encouraging. It feels like they were holding my hand and I didn’t feel lost or could give up. They have grown on me. I also found other staff being very helpful and am having a hard time letting go of them!”

Do you have any advice for current or upcoming students?

“I felt that the best method to prepare for the exam would be doing every section 2-3 times. It might seem like it takes longer, but you just don’t have to study as much. Also ordering the textbooks really helps eliminate note taking. Join the forums. Try to start your externship as soon as you are eligible for it and not until you are certified like I did. By being in a pharmacy you relate to the duties and the fast moving drugs. Also, the pharmacist can help with numerous hands on issues. The best part is that the fear of being at a new place is gone. The pharmacy atmosphere becomes familiar and of course networking, building rapport, opportunity of being hired and learning customer service is wonderful. It is a no pressure learning opportunity. Don’t hesitate to call student support and hold on to these support advisors for help, advice, interview strategies, job search and just because they care. They are a great resource and really your new family! Respect them, honor them and love them!”

How was your experience with the externship with Walgreens?

“The externship is very useful and it really helps. It is truly a job, so show up and have good work ethics. If they like you, it will be a great asset to your resume and a wonderful reference. Also, you will meet many great people. The externship coordinators Craig and Jenae have been a great help.”

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