Help Us Fill Medical Transcription Hiring Needs

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The medical transcription industry is HIRING! In some cases, we’re almost begging our graduates to apply because employers are begging us for more graduates to fill their positions. Here’s how the job market looks…

  • There are not enough MTs to fill positions in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Career Step consistently works with over 100 hiring MT employers.
  • 14 different U.S. companies have asked for more graduates in just the last month!
  • Every Canadian MT graduate since 2012 has an MT job!

To give you an even clearer picture—one of our U.S. High Honors graduate has received 32 emails about hiring companies since graduation. That’s roughly an email a week prompting her to apply!

We need your help spreading the word about these opportunities to your friends and family who may be looking for a career change. Medical transcription is a great option for anyone looking for an at-home career, and with all this demand, it’s a great time to be looking for that first MT job.

This is also a great opportunity to increase your referrals in Canada because the need is particularly intense there (check out our post on increasing your Canadian referrals for ideas).


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