Higher Education in the World of Health Info Management

Health information management (HIM) is an exciting field that deals with the business side of healthcare. The introduction of more sophisticated information management systems such as electronic health records is calling for the HIM professional population to keep up with the changes and challenges by pursuing higher levels of education.

Today, more than ever, there is a growing need for those who have degrees in Health Information Management and Health Information Technology at the master’s and doctorate levels. If HIM professionals are not educated at the level necessary to fill critical positions, those jobs may be awarded to better educated professionals with advanced degrees in a related field such as nursing or healthcare administration.

This trend toward more sophisticated technology and the implementation of the both electronic health records and the new ICD-10 code set is also an upside for those who are just entering the HIM arena. In addition to causing an upward expansion in career opportunities, these changes are also increasing the number of entry- and mid-level positions. Right now, the changes in the way health information is managed is causing an explosion of growth in employment opportunities for HIM professionals at all levels. This growth is leading to high demand for well trained professionals to fill significant positions in all healthcare settings and at all levels of hiring.

All in all, now is a great time to launch a career in the health information management field. And, the good news is that although there is lots of room for those who choose to pursue higher education, a degree is not necessary to get off to a great start in the HIM world. Completing Career Step’s focused career training in medical coding and billing is a great way to get your foot in the HIM door to seize one of the many available positions in this exciting and growing industry.

For more detailed information about the how the pursuit of higher education is beneficial to a career in Health Information Management, read the article “Adapt or Disappear” from the May issue of the Journal of AHIMA.

You may also like to visit the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistic’s Occupational Outlook Handbook website for more information about the outlook for jobs in the Medical Records and Health Information Technician field.

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