Graduate Resources to Go with That Certificate

Congratulations on graduating from your program! You’ve put a lot of work into studying, learning, and passing your tests, and we’re so proud of you—but what do you do now?

Don’t panic! Instead, get organized, stay focused, set some goals, and access your graduate resources.

We’ve put together a few ideas to help you out.

Our Graduate Advisors are here for you.

Resume review: Send your resume to us at, we’d love to review it and provide suggestions to help you make it stand out from the crowd. Resumes are reviewed in the order they are received. Currently, the turnaround time on resume reviews is between 5 and 10 days.

Job notifications: When employers contact us looking for graduates, we will notify you of the opening if you fit the company’s preferences. Please keep us up-to-date on things like your email address, physical location, and certification status so we can send you the most high-quality notifications possible. We can also help you set up job alerts on Indeed.

National certification: Most of our programs include a voucher or vouchers to take national certification exams. Please let us know when you’re ready to schedule your exam(s) and we’ll send you further instructions.

Letter of recommendation: If you would like a letter of recommendation to provide with your applications or during the interview process, please email your request to, and we will email you a PDF letter that you can copy according to your needs.

Helpful job sites.

Indeed: Indeed is one of the premier job board sites you can create job alerts with. We would love to help you set up job alerts in your local area.

LinkedIn: We definitely recommend using LinkedIn. Companies are using LinkedIn in growing numbers, so we encourage you to make sure your LinkedIn profile is current. You can also visit the job listing page to help you find openings.

Specific industry job boards:

  • Professional Medical Coding and Billing. AAPC has an excellent job board to use. You can narrow the positions listed to your local area.
  • Medical Transcription Editing. MTJobs is the internets largest source of medical transcription jobs and resumes.

Now is the time to see where your education can take you. Please note that Career Step cannot guarantee employment as that decision is up to the discretion of hiring employers; however, we are here to make sure you have the best possible support and tools you need to be successful in finding a job.

Best of luck on your job search!

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