How Do I Get Referrals?

Probably one of the most common questions we get is “How do I get referrals? I loved my training with Career Step, but I don’t know what to say to encourage others to take your courses.”

The good news is that referring friends and family to Career Step’s courses is a lot easier than it sounds.  Especially during the holiday season, when you’re already around your friends and family, all you have to do is open your mouth!  While you’re enjoying your second helping of turkey and mashed potatoes, just tell everyone about your experience with Career Step.  Chances are they’ll see what a difference Career Step has made in your life and will want to make a positive change in their lives too.

You’re probably thinking “but how do I make sure I get credit for the referral?”  Never fear, we have the perfect holiday gift for our referrers to make your referral efforts that much easier.  Just in time for all those office Christmas parties and New Year’s celebrations with friends, we’ve added referral business cards to the Referral Resource Center.  Now you can pass along all the information your friends and family need to sign up for a Career Step course—with all the details that ensure you get that much needed referral bonus to pay off all those holiday bills!

The new business cards are completely customizable. All you have to do is open up the document in Word, type in your information, and hit print. We’ve designed them to print on the Avery business card paper that you can find at any local office supply or big box store.  You could also print them on some nice cardstock at home or your local copy/print store and then cut them with a paper trimmer.

Forgot your referral information and want to make sure you’re putting the right details on those new business cards? We can help there too! Email us at, and we will be happy to reply with your referral number and personal website. TIP: You can have your friends and family contact us directly by using our phone number (1-800-411-7073) and email ( on your business cards.


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