How MyCAA Help Military Spouses Gain Dream Careers

thinking girlBeing a military spouse can be very difficult. Constantly relocating can make it hard to maintain a stable family life or establish a reliable and lasting career. The My Career Advancement Account (or MyCAA) funding program was created to help you overcome a few of these challenges by providing funding to help you improve your career prospects regardless of where you might be stationed or where you could be going. This program can be an excellent asset toward helping you build a promising new career.

What is MyCAA?
MyCAA is a career development and employment assistance program designed to help military spouses pursue associate degrees, certifications, licenses, and certificate training programs through MyCAA-approved schools. The program contributes up to $4,000 to the tuition costs of individual military spouses who qualify, helping dedicated individuals develop skills in fields that offer opportunities for gainful employment nationwide.

Who is eligible?
Unfortunately, the MyCAA funding budget is limited, which has led to restrictions on who can take advantage of the program. Qualified spouses include those married to active duty service members in pay grades E1-E5, W1-W2, and O1-O2as well as the spouses are activated Guard and Reserve members within those ranks and on Title 10 orders. However, it is important to note that MyCAA will not pay for degree programs, courses in Liberal Arts, or General Education studies.

How do I get MyCAA funding?
The first step toward qualifying for funding is to set up a MyCAA account on the program’s website where the information is submitted to a verification process. Once the spouse’s benefit eligibility has been confirmed, applicants are then able to set up their career and training plans and request financial assistance. CareerOneStop lists many different career options for military spouses to explore when looking for one that best fits their interests.

Career Step is a prestigious and dedicated MyCAA-approved online school that has helped over 13,000 military spouses and service members start careers they can be proud of, regardless of where they might be stationed.

Your dream career doesn’t have to be out of reach just because you’re married to a member of the military. With the right tools and a push in the right direction, you too can fulfill your dreams of having a stable, fulfilling career!

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