How to be an Awesome Assistant!

assistant groupThere are tons of good assistants in almost any field of work, but there are significantly fewer amazing assistants. How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd and be an awesome assistant? Here are a few easy tips!

1. Be early on time.
This starts out as a no-brainer. Show up to your job. The key here is to be early on time to your job. I know. That sounds like 2 separate directions, but it’s not. 

Being early on time means showing up about 5 to 10 minutes before your shift starts and preparing everything for the day. Go the extra mile! Prepare your executive’s schedule for the day and have it ready for them.  If they have a big meeting first thing, have all of their materials ready and laid out so they don’t have to worry about it. Write your to-do list for the day and set your schedule.

I know some assistants who come in extra early on Monday morning to prep everything for the entire week, and then they just have to be on time the rest of the week.  Both methods work well, but you will need to determine what works best for you and your executive(s).

2. Study your executive.
It’s important to study your executive and determine exactly what he/she prefers. Watch for personality cues to determine what they like and dislike.  Ask appropriate questions to ensure you understand exactly what the executive would like you to do.

I’m not suggesting you stalk your executive around, but having a keen eye for detail and social interactions can really help you go from being a good assistant to being an awesome one. If you know your executive’s likes, dislikes, communication style, etc. it makes it easier to complete the last tip on our list.

3. Anticipate your executive’s needs
I’m not suggesting you develop superpowers in order to read your executive’s mind, but I am suggesting you attune your nonverbal skills. Once you get to know how someone thinks and behaves, it makes it much easier to anticipate what they need or are going to do.

You will get to the point where you can anticipate what your executive needs you to do without them having to tell you. You know your executive is on the phone with an important client and needs to set up a follow-up meeting later this week? Check your executive’s schedule and coordinate with the other party’s assistant to verify a few compatible times for a follow-up meeting. Then, present those times to your executive once he/she’s done with the call.

Do you have any tips to help others be awesome executive assistants? Share them in the comments below!

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