How to get an Executive Assistant Job, You Graduate You

help wantedCongratulations! You graduated! Now what?

Starting a job search in a new field can be a bit overwhelming. Gone are the days when you had to tromp around from business to business in your epic station wagon handing out physical copies of your resume to companies who may or may not be hiring. Technology has made the job search easy to do from the comfort of your home, but it also brings its own unique set of challenges.  Lucky for you, I’ve done the legwork for you—well, the finger work—and identified 4 easy-to-remember steps to get started on the right foot. Let’s dive in!

1. Identify the industry you want to work in.
As an executive assistant, the business world is, truly, your oyster (so to speak). Executive assistants are found in almost all industries and all types of businesses. That can make the job search seem very overwhelming (especially when you see thousands of job notifications blinking at you from The best way to avoid this overwhelmed feeling is to identify a few key industries you’d like to work in and focus your job search on those industries. Do you want to work in technology? Education? Financial planning? The sky really is the limit. Once you know which industries you’d love to work in, you can tailor your resume and applications accordingly.

2. Send your resume to Graduate Support for review and feedback.
Career Step has a top-notch Graduate Support team to assist you in your job search. You can send your resume in once you’ve got a good rough draft and they will provide feedback on things to improve upon.  They can also help you understand how to set up your job search and can even provide job notifications. Think of them as your employment search companion and don’t be afraid to use them.

3. Set up your job search sites.
There are a lot of different job search sites on the internet— and being just a couple of them. Check out a several different job sites and decide which ones you prefer. Once you have a good feel for them, set up job notifications to be sent to you when jobs in your area fitting your preferences appear. Don’t rely solely on one site as you will likely find a lot of variety among the opportunities listed on different sites.

4. Apply, dang it.
While looking for a job, treat that search like it is your full time job. Spend several hours each day researching and applying for positions you are interested in. The more opportunities you apply for, the better your chances will be of hearing something back.

Most job advertisements will explain exactly how they want you to apply. Make sure you follow those application guidelines. Nothing gives a worse impression than applying improperly when the guidelines are clearly outlined in the advertisement.

We hope these steps help you to hit the ground running with your job search.  Did we miss anything you like to do when applying for jobs? Comment below!

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