Making sense of the coming Medical Coding Industry Changes

Medical Coding and BillingIf you’re at all familiar with the medical coding industry you’ve probably heard of the coming transition to ICD-10. For everyone else, here’s a brief explanation…

On October 1, 2014 all healthcare providers must begin using ICD-10 codes when they submit claims to insurance companies and Medicare or Medicaid. Right now, they’re using ICD-9 codes (which are diagnoses codes used to track patient data as well as for reimbursement purposes). This is a really big deal because we’re going from about 14,000 codes (in ICD-9) to over 69,000 codes (in ICD-10).

Employers are working really hard to make sure they’re prepared for the transition because not correctly coding claims results in lost revenue. Medical coders are obviously on the front lines of the transition and will need a significant amount of education in order to successfully make the transition.

Because the transition date is still over a year away, AHIMA (the American Health Information Management Association) recommends that educators hold off on transitioning their education to the new code set until August 2013—a recommendation that we’re following here at Career Step because we want to ensure our students can start working as soon as they graduate (which they’ll need ICD-9 knowledge to do). However, to ensure our students are also prepared for the new transition, all new Medical Coding and Billing students will also receive a free ICD-10 FastTrack course.

As a referrer, this is the important message to pass on to anyone you know who is interested in medical coding: with Career Step’s online coding and billing program, they’ll gain the ICD-9 skills they need to earn industry certifications and start working after graduation, but they’ll also receive a free course designed to help them make the transition to ICD-10.

We’ve added this information to your referrer webpage and will also be releasing a new ebook on it shortly. Stay tuned!

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