Increase Referrals | Program Overview Videos: Executive Assistant

If you’ve been following this series, we been featuring all of our program overview videos in order to help you increase your referrals. We’ve already highlighted Medical Coding and Billing, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Transcription, Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR, and Computer Technician.

And this month we are focusing on our great Executive Assistant program. Watch this video to learn why with over 475,000 new jobs expected in the next few years, this might be the right career choice for your friends or family.

If you have friends of family interested in going back to school to train for a new career, you can share this video with them and get credit for the referral by simply adding ?uid=refxxxxx to the end of the URL. (You’ll need to replace the x’s with the actual numbers of your referrer ID.) Or you can copy and paste the video URL from the media library on your referral webpage and it will automatically include your referrer ID.

If you’ve misplaced your referrer ID, send a quick email to and we can look it up for you.

Would you like more information on our Executive Assistant course? Here are some blog posts you might want to check out:


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