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A great way to spread the word about Career Step is through videos. We recently put together a whole series of videos highlighting each of our courses. And to help you become more familiar with the videos and each course, we’re starting this new blog series! This month we are featuring one of our most popular courses: Medical Coding and Billing.

The program overview video is designed to give prospective students a feel for what a career would look like as a medical coder and biller. It also provides information on the growing need for qualified, trained medical coders and billers and why Career Step training is such a great option.

Share this video today with your friends and family through email or social media. Just remember in order to get credit for the referral, you’ll need to get the video from the media library on your referral webpage since it will automatically be tagged with your referrer ID.

Or you can simply add your referrer ID to the URL by adding ?uid=refxxxxx to the end. For example, if your referrer ID was ref12070, you would use as the link to share the video with your contacts.

Forgot your referrer ID or have questions on how to share this video? Leave a comment below or send us an email at

If you’re looking for more information on our Medical Coding and Billing program, check out these additional resources:


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