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Although there are plenty of rumors out there, the truth is the Medical Transcription industry is still a great career. With flexible schedules and opportunities to work from home, it just might be the perfect career for someone you know!

Career Step medical transcription training is trusted by employers and graduates alike, and for good reason. Our graduates get good jobs every day and frequently share their stories with us. (If you’d like to share yours, just let us know!) Here are what just a few graduates had to say about their Medical Transcription training:

“Our daughter’s condition made it necessary for me to explore career options that would allow me to work from home for a solid, dependable, and reputable company. . . . I have now worked as a transcriptionist for 5 years for the same company—anyone who knows me can tell you how much I love this work and that I should have started years earlier! Studying with Career Step was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The training is set up for you to succeed, and by taking advantage of all they offer you cannot go wrong!” – Claire Braham

“I had a great experience with this program and feel it prepared me for work better than the community college program I attended. I am able to do what I set out to do 10+ years ago. I can work from home, set my own schedule, and be present in the lives of my children.” – Traci Martin

“I can now choose my own hours, work in my PJs, leave for appointments or errands whenever I need to, sleep in every day, and work as much as I want to. . . . This career is a great fit for my personality and working at home is a dream come true. I finally found that elusive career my friends and I always talked about all these years. I’ve been a transcriptionist for over 2 years now and love it more every day.” – Steve Finley

If you think medical transcription could be a great fit for someone you know, be sure to show them this month’s program overview video on Medical Transcription and Editing. Share it with your friends today.

Remember in order to get credit for the referral, you’ll need to get the video from the media library on your referral webpage since it will automatically be tagged with your referrer ID. Or you can add your referrer ID to the URL by adding ?uid=refxxxxx to the end. For example, if your referrer ID was Ref12070, you would use as the link to share the video with your contacts.

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