Infographic: Medical Coding & Billing Career Info & Job Outlook

Medical coding and billing is one of those behind-the-scenes healthcare careers that lets you enjoy all of the benefits of healthcare’s growth and security without working directly with patients (or blood, needles, or other things that may prompt you to say “eeew”). Since it’s more behind the scenes, many people aren’t sure what medical coding really is or what level of demand there is for these professionals.

Enter our Career Step infographic and video!

Whether you’re interested in medical coding yourself, you know someone who’s looking for a new career in healthcare, or you’re telling others about Career Step’s programs, pin, post, or tweet our “Why You Should Consider a Career in Medical Coding and Billing” infographic and video to tell others about the opportunities available in this field?

State of the Medical Coding and Billing Industry Infographic

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2 thoughts on “Infographic: Medical Coding & Billing Career Info & Job Outlook

  1. okcana says:

    I am looking for a medical billing position online. I have been doing medical biller/coding and authorizations for the past 25 years. I have billed all insurance groups along with entering the remittance advice electronically within a practice management system. There isnt anything i haven”t done. If you know of anything please share with me I would appreciate it.

    • mbunderson says:

      Hi, as long as you are properly certified, job opportunities that are open to Career Step grads, while not guaranteed, are certainly open to you as well (including at-home positions!)—however, our job search help is, unfortunately, only available to Career Step graduates. According to the Bureau of Labor Support, the medical billing field is projected to grow by 13% by 2026. We would encourage you to continue checking with employers in your area to see what they’re looking for and to be proactive in your job search. Again, it’s extremely important to get your industry credentials (CBCS)—that will go a long way in proving your skills to employers. Continue to think about the job you want and work toward that goal (build your network, volunteer, stay on top of hiring trends), and you’ll eventually find the right fit for you. Best wishes! 🙂

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