Inpatient Auditing

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With the implementation of ICD-10, the healthcare industry has seen a rise in the demand for medical auditors. The need is especially great in the inpatient coding arena. There are few auditors with formal auditing education as until now, the industry has had no formal training beyond facilities’ home grown programs. Career Step has just released training geared specifically to the inpatient setting. Read on to find out more about this exciting new educational offering.

Who – Medical coders with a minimum of three years of acute care inpatient coding experience. However, not every coder will make a good auditor. In addition to top coding skills, successful auditors possess an array of administrative and soft skills.
The administrative skills include: proficiency in several Microsoft Office products such as; Word, Power Point, Excel, and in some cases Access, as well as business writing.
Necessary soft skills include: problem solving, decision making, meeting management, conflict resolution and the ability to present results to a live audience.

What – Comprehensive training in inpatient auditing. The program includes the following courses:

• ICD-10-CM Skills
• ICD-10-PCS Skills
• Fundamentals and Reimbursement Concepts
• Regulatory Compliance
• Healthcare Law
• Documentation Integrity
• Administrative and Soft Skills
• Audit Principles
• Audit and Record Review
• Audit Reporting
• Audit Practicum

When –
Now is the time…strike while the iron is hot! The need has never been greater or the educational and training prospects brighter.

Where –
Through Career Step’s online platform. No one knows better than we do how busy a working professional’s schedule can be.  Our online format offers you the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere. Our programs are designed specifically for adult learners and the Inpatient Auditing program’s multi-media approach to instruction gets learners engaged and keep them engaged.

Why –  Because you are ready! You have worked hard and deserve the opportunity to take the next step in advancing your career.

How – Visit the Career Step Inpatient Auditing website for details about enrolling.

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