Introducing CareerStep’s Fresh Look

New logo. Same life-changing training.

We’ve always strived to provide quality healthcare training that’s affordable, relevant, and effective. Training that leads to certification and—ultimately—a rewarding career. 

Concrete value, clear communication, exceptional Learner support … that’s our mission, and it always will be. 

That’s why, in pursuit of this mission, we’ve reinvented the CareerStep brand—and we’re excited to share the results!

What’s Changed

CareerStep's Old Logo aligns with our parent company—Carrus. updated to

Our Logo. While the services we provide are unique to CareerStep, we’re still part of a larger organization. Our new logo mirrors that of our parent company—Carrus.

Career Step is now CareerStep. Two distinct words become one.

Our Name. The shift here is subtle, and you’ll only notice this in print: Career Step is now CareerStep. It sounds exactly the same, but looks different as two distinct words become one.

What This Means for You

On the surface, these small changes may seem purely cosmetic, but we’ve made these updates to further support your ambitions in an industry that continues to evolve. To better illustrate who we are and what we do. To connect with you on a deeper level.

Helping Learners change their lives is exciting stuff, and we believe our branding should reflect that excitement. 

And this is just the beginning—a small taste of what’s to come. 

The future holds a lot of surprises.

We’re exploring the development of additional courses to offer a larger variety of career paths. We’re giving all our supporting materials a complete facelift to be more useful and informative. And we’re working to build a brighter tomorrow for every CareerStep Learner.

Stick with us—it’s going to be an incredible journey.

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5 thoughts on “Introducing CareerStep’s Fresh Look

  1. Ett McAtee says:

    Hello. I am a High Honors 2017 graduate of the MTE program but laid off right now due to COVID. For the Billing and Coding jobs, are any available remotely from home, or is this only a “go in to work” type of job? I have been thinking of doing the training program for the Billing and Coding, but do NOT want to work outside of the home. Please advise, thanks.

    • Tiffanee Gurney says:

      Hello Ett. Most medical coding and billing jobs require professionals to work on-site for hospitals, clinics, physicians, and a variety of other healthcare facilities. However, it’s possible to find medical coding and billing jobs from home as well.

  2. Taposhi Sarker says:

    I am happy that you are reorganizing the outlook. I have completed my Medical Administration with EHR on April 6,2020.
    Waiting for my hard copy certificate by mail.
    Please can you help me regarding this. The electronic copy is a faded one. Moreover I was informed to get a copy mail too.
    This would be proper for the endeavor I had taken and the importance I have given to your course. I have sent an email to to you too.

    • Tiffanee Gurney says:

      Toposhi, congratulations on finishing your course! That shows great dedication towards your education. We send out our certificates vi email so learners are able to have the digital copy and can print as needed. You may want to play with your printer settings or have it sent to a copy store to get a better image printed.

  3. mardyfish says:

    Thanks! for this great and very informative post. This article concerning the aspects of medical laboratory billing services was very informative and ensured a complete understanding within me. As I deal with a website of medical laboratory billing services, We handle a website regarding this aspect in which we keep a track record of our content dating back to the previous year and make strategies to improve them. However, this article was much needed for our team and it will be something that I will be keen to review.

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