Is Medical Transcription a Good Choice for Military Spouses?

It’s often very difficult for military spouses to have long-term careers because of their frequent moves. With an in-the-office, on-site career, frequent moves mean frequent job changes. This is why medical transcription is such a great option for military spouses!

Medical transcription provides an alternative for military spouses that’s long-term and stable as well as mobile. And as a federally approved, growing career for military spouses, there are plenty of reasons to look into becoming a medical transcriptionist.

Medical transcription is portable
Military families rarely stay in one place for more than a few years. Considering this, it can be a daunting task to try and establish a career. That’s why a portable career, like medical transcription, is an excellent choice for military spouses.

The majority of medical transcriptionists work from their comfort of their homes for companies called medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs), which handle outsourced transcription work for healthcare facilities of all types. Transcriptionists can work from anywhere in the country and as long as there are doctors, hospitals, clinics, labs, and even medical schools there will be opportunities for medical transcriptionists.

Medical transcription is flexible
Deployments create all kinds of challenges. While service members are gone, working can be a challenge—especially if you have children—as you’re managing childcare, home management, and everything on your own. Once your significant other returns, it takes time to re-adjust and, of course, you want to spend time with them!

All of these challenges can make working the traditional 5 days a week, 9-5 schedule a challenge. Many medical transcription positions offer more flexible hours, which give military spouses the ability to adjust their work routines more easily to accommodate for child care, the return of a loved one, or other family circumstances.

Online training is possible
One thing to consider when looking into becoming a medical transcriptionist is online training. Sometimes going back to school in the traditional sense isn’t an option—especially if you have a family or plan to move soon. But there are several reputable medical transcription schools that offer flexible online training programs, allowing you to study no matter where you live!

Medical transcription training offered by Career Step can be completed in as little as 4 months of full-time study, and you’ll also have the freedom to study at your own pace. With no classrooms or annoying group projects, this training is ideally suited to the military lifestyle.

Funding is available
Military spouses may also be able to take advantage of educational benefits such as MyCAA funding. The MyCAA program offers $4,000 to eligible military spouses who want to pursue licenses, certifications, and even associates degrees. This funding can help relieve some of the financial stress that comes with furthering education and can help military spouses achieve their career goals, but you have to be sure you’re training through a MyCAA-approved school and program.

Medical transcription is a vital healthcare career
Not only are medical transcriptionists in high demand, they are also a vital part of providing quality patient care. Transcriptionists play a key role in making sure medical records are up to date and accurate, and this career can give military spouses something to be proud of at the end of the day. Many Career Step graduates say they find medical transcription fulfilling and enjoyable. Read a few of their stories in our Student Reviews section.

If you’re already a medical transcriptionist, tell us how this career has fit into your life in the comments below! If you want to start a new, portable medical transcription career, learn more about how Career Step can help today.

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