It’s Now Easier to Share Your Webpage!

PURLIn an effort to help you make the most of your unique webpage, we just added an exciting new feature: Email This Page.

Your unique webpage now has a new Email This Page button in the top right corner, under your referrer information. This allows you or your contacts to quickly and easily send your unique webpage’s link to others who may be interested in learning more about any of the Career Step training programs. To check out the new feature on your own webpage, just click this link and replace the last 5 digits with your own Referrer ID. (If you’ve forgotten your Referrer ID, email me at, and I can look it up for you.)

You can enter multiple email addresses (just separate them with a comma), include a personal message, and add your name and email address.

Are you excited for this new tool? Do you think it will help you ramp up your referrals and take full advantage of the DOUBLE payouts being offered this month?

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