Let’s Lighten Things Up!

smiling pharmacistSome of our blog topics can be a little heavy, so I thought we’d take a break and lighten things up.  From the online magazine, Pharmacy Times: Practical Information for Today’s Pharmacist, come the following pet peeves.  Enjoy! 

• When patients don’t have the money for their script “until payday,” and ask us to give them 5 days of medication until they get paid! I often wonder if they go to the supermarket and ask for a cup of milk and 3 eggs for free!

• I hate it when patients want to speak to the “pharmacist on duty” as I’m ringing up their meds. When I tell them I’m a pharmacist, they say I look way too young to be one and ask how many years of experience I have and what school I graduated from. I want to reply, “Just take your meds, let me counsel you if it’s a new med, and let me help the next person in line.”

• When someone (most likely a technician) pokes a stock bottle open without removing the foil. 

• When I’m calling a doctor’s office to clarify the dosage on a patient’s prescription, and the nurse says, “Let me call the patient to find out”!

• Patients who complain when we are out of stock, but their prescription is 3 weeks old.

• When I answer the phone and say, “Thank you for calling the pharmacy. My name is

. How can I help you today?” And the caller asks, “Is this the pharmacy?”

• Patient: “I have to wait 15 minutes for a flu shot?”  Me: “Yes. You can make a doctor’s appointment if you prefer.”

A doctor is giving a speech at a local awards ceremony, but when he looks down at the notes he’d jotted down, he can’t understand what they say.  Frantic, the doctor calls out, “Is there a pharmacist in the house?”

Sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine!

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