Meet Our Newest Instructor: Craig Laursen

Hello! My name is Craig Laursen, I am an instructor for Career Step’s Medical Coding and Billing programs. My educational background includes a BS in psychology and the completion of pre-med requisite coursework. I am especially drawn to the biomedical sciences, which makes my current role particularly rewarding. Opportunities to support Career Step students in their studies energize me on a daily basis.

I have been at Career Step since 2012, and I started by helping with Graduate Support as well as with the Medical Administrative Assistant and Pharmacy Technician programs before transitioning to the Coding Support Team. My professional background includes operations, HR, sales, project management, corporate training, and customer service. Professionally, I am passionate about teaching, writing, and helping others.

On a personal note, I was born and raised in Provo, UT and am happy to still call it home. I enjoy fishing and everything outdoors, basketball, movies, music, and pottery. I also enjoy working with Career Step students and doing all I can to make a positive impact on their education.

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