Military Spouses: Identify & Skills for A Successful Career

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The life of a military spouse is a difficult one. Frequent transfers often require families to move, making it difficult to form lasting relationships or to maintain a stable career. However, no matter where you find yourself stationed, it is possible to enjoy a successful, secure, and reliable job, provided you play to your strengths.

The key is to properly identify your own skills and talents. If you know what you are capable of and take the time and effort to make the most of every opportunity, you will discover that finding and maintaining a stable career will become much easier. Here are a few tips to you do just that!

Military spouses who volunteer at the bases where they are posted often find the opportunity a beneficial one. They are able to gain valuable experience that goes a long way toward finding a more permanent job.

Past volunteer work is often as important to potential employers as past paid work, so don’t make the mistake of separating the two on your resume! When outlining past experience, list volunteer work and paid work alongside each other; doing this helps demonstrate all of your acquired skills and abilities, including how you work under pressure, how you manage your time, and how motivated and goal oriented you are. All of these qualities are extremely valuable to employers.

No matter where you live, proper networking is an excellent way to keep yourself busy. Regardless of the career you are interested in, knowing the right people can really help get a foot in the door. There are any number of support groups, forums, and news bulletin websites that exist just to help military spouses find employment opportunities. Often these same resources are useful for making and renewing business connections and even making new friends. Proper networking can open up new, unexplored avenues of possibility for military spouses and can remain a valuable resource for years to come.

Seize Opportunity
Every military spouse needs to get used to adapting to changes in their lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean they have to give up the idea of a fulfilling career. The best advice to finding work is to seize it whenever you have the chance. Whether it’s something like teaching a foreign language, setting up an online store, or even just taking a class, you can remain a vital and integral part of the workforce.

The key concept here is that you should seek to use every skill you possess as effectively possible. Things like being able to work under tense conditions, the ability to multitask, or even just good time management skills are all excellent qualities that can be very useful during a job hunt.

Online Education
Any skill can benefit from an upgrade. Online education lets you expand your existing skill set regardless of where you are stationed or what hours you are free to study. Independent study courses, certification programs, and online courses all fit in this category and can go a long way towards helping military spouses further their education.

There are even a number of military funding options like the MyCAA program and the GI Bill that can make education even easier. Career Step is a MyCAA-approved online school that offers a number of funding options to military spouses and can see you career ready in a matter of just a few months so you can enjoy a successful career no matter where you’re stationed.

While adapting to frequent change can be a difficult aspect of the military life, it does not have to hold you back. Armed with the knowledge of how to properly use your own skills and talents and making sure to take every opportunity that comes your way, the sky’s the limit no matter where you are stationed!

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