Military Wives: Exercise Your Right to Have a Rewarding Career

military coupleIt’s a sad fact that military spouses have higher unemployment and lower wages than non-military spouses. According to the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, 30% of military wives under 25 are unemployed and military spouses in general make 38% less. Staggering statistics like these make it obvious that military spouses have unique challenges when it comes to finding and maintaining a job; however, these challenges shouldn’t stand between you and a successful career.

There are countless careers well-suited to the military family lifestyle—and lots of resources to help you along the way. Don’t let another Independence Day go by without exercising your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of a worthwhile profession!

Why are so many military wives unemployed?
According to the report mentioned above, military spouses attribute unemployment to their military lifestyle: frequent moves, deployments, living in areas with poor labor markets, and their spouses’ work schedules that easily conflict with raising children. It isn’t just difficult to hold a job as a military spouse, it is also difficult to gain education for those same reasons. In fact, almost half of the military wives in the study said the military lifestyle has limited their educational opportunities. But despite these very real challenges, you have many options and resources.

Is it impossible to have a successful career as a military spouse?
Absolutely not! Military wives don’t have to give up on educational and professional ambitions—with a little creativity and some government-sponsored resources, it is easier than you think.

Programs such as the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, SECO military education counseling, and the Department of Defense’s MyCAA program are all designed to help military spouses get trained for, find, and maintain quality careers. Specifically, the MyCAA program funds career training for military spouses—up to $4,000—for a formal training leading to employment. And assistance does not stop there. MyCAA even provides military spouses with career counseling, education guidance, and goal coaching.

Tons of training options
As a military spouse, you are not limited to a few mobile careers and training programs; MyCAA-approved training programs are accessible all across the country and range from in-class courses to flexible online certifications. Many careers lend themselves to the military lifestyle—medical transcription, computer support, administrative assistance, medical coding and billing, nursing, teaching, bookkeeping, and many more—so be sure to explore your options!

Don’t feel limited by life on the base; take advantage of this well deserved scholarship program, and who knows? Odds are you will find yourself thriving in a new career by next Independence Day!

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