Military Wives Success Stories

MyCAA benefits have helped hundreds of military spouses since the program began. Many military spouses—mostly wives just because of the demographics—have enrolled in online programs that have led to successful careers, whether they are working from home or in an office setting.

The MyCAA financial assistance program gives wives the opportunity to pursue an education that fulfills personal and professional goals and helps them better support their families. The program also encourages them to consider portable career options—a great thing for military families that have to relocate. But don’t just listen to us, take a few minutes to read about these real-life success stories from wives who have used MyCAA funding to finance their military spouse careers.

Story 1: Katherine (watch her story here)
Katherine was a new Navy wife who didn’t know about the perks and benefits of being a military spouse. A friend of Katherine’s mentioned that she had enrolled with Career Step by using a funded program that helped her go back to school. Katherine talked to a Career Step advisor and was told about the different programs that were available as well as more about the MyCAA funding program. With her previous work background, medical coding and billing was an obvious next step for her to take.

She loved all of the different avenues of help she had access to throughout the entire enrollment process and said that “it felt good to go with a group of people who are looking out for your best interests.”

Katherine enrolled in Career Step’s Medical Coding and Billing program and took the first step toward a successful new career.

Story 2: Dana (watch her story here)
Dana wanted a new career because her family was constantly moving. She was a former IT support technician and when she took 5 years off following her son’s birth, she realized she was behind and couldn’t really jump back into the job. She didn’t want to work in an office and instead wanted to work from home in order to spend more time with her family.

Medical transcription really stood out to her. Dana pursued the profession with Career Step because everything was online and she could access the curriculum no matter where she was.

“I could not set myself into a schedule of being in a classroom or being online at a specific time, I needed that flexibility,” she said.

And with the military spouse discounts available through Career Step, it was an easy decision to go ahead and train as a medical transcriptionist.

One requirement to using MyCAA funding is pursuing what is known as a portable career. Examples of portable careers are:

  • Medical transcription
  • Virtual assisting
  • Web design
  • Medical coding and billing
  • Computer technician

If you are a military spouse who relocates a lot but still wants a career—not just a job—then a mobile career is a perfect choice! With MyCAA funding, it’s even better. MyCAA provides up to $4,000 over two years to eligible spouses and covers the fees for licenses, certifications, certificates, or even an associate’s degree—at a MyCAA-approved school, of course.

Many of these portable careers are in high-demand and feature advancement opportunities and the potential to earn more with additional education or certifications. If you want to explore your options and see which profession fits your on-the-move lifestyle, visit call 1-855-261-7366 today and get started!

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