MyCAA Funding: The Path to a Work-from-Home Career

Military FamilyThe dream of a stable career may feel far-fetched, particularly if your family lives a military lifestyle. After all, professional stability and military life don’t exactly go hand in hand… or could they? Thanks to MyCAA funding (a career advancement funding and assistance program for military spouses) perhaps you can finally reach that dream of having a stable, flexible job—even one you love.

Why MyCAA funding?
It offers free education that will open doors to your success! MyCAA gives eligible military spouses up to $4,000 to pursue licenses, certificates, certification, and associate degrees leading to employment in any high growth, high-demand, portable field. You just need to pick an appropriate training program and sign up through the MyCAA website. Since the focus of this program is to train recipients in portable fields, you will be able to take your career with you wherever life takes you.

Who’s eligible?
You are eligible if your spouse is on active duty in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or National Guard within pay grades E1-E5, W1-W2, and O1-O2. Spouses of Reserve members within those ranks can also take advantage of MyCAA if their spouse is on Title 10 (active duty) orders.

What career paths are possible through MyCAA funding?
Thanks to growing technology, you have a wide variety of portable career choices. Translation, transcription, medical coding, freelance writing, research, virtual assistance—you have your pick of jobs that fit the military lifestyle. For example, medical transcription, a popular career for stay-at-home moms, is finding a foothold in the military spouse community.

Can MyCAA funding be used for medical transcription training?
Since medical transcription is recognized as a portable career, MyCAA covers training costs at MyCAA-approved schools, including online schools like Career Step. Once you are a verified MyCAA candidate and are enrolled in an approved medical transcription course, you can request financial assistance within 30 days of starting the course.

What do I need to start a home-based career in medical transcription?
The first thing you need is medical transcription training, best acquired through a MyCAA-approved online or in-classroom course. Medical transcription training can take anywhere from a few months to two years depending on the program and your preference. Choose an employer-trusted training program—it’s essential for helping you get a job after graduation.

Second, you can make your résumé stand out by earning a certification. Most training programs will prepare you for an industry certification exam. You’ll also need to keep your certification current through periodic re-testing and continuing education.

Finally, set up a home office in a quiet room or corner of the house. You’ll need a reliable internet connection, computer, productivity software, reference books, scanner-printer, and a good pair of headphones.

How do I find work as a trained medical transcriptionist?
Education is a valuable pursuit, but landing that job, paying the bills, and enjoying what you do is the real goal. Once you’ve completed your training, here are a few tips to help you make the leap to a rewarding new career…

  • Check with your school! Schools like Career Step provide graduates with career counseling and job connections.
  • Network widely and join professional associations for medical transcriptionists as well as online professional networks like LinkedIn.
  • Apply to individual medical transcription companies and register on freelance websites like elance, Upwork, Toptal, etc. You can also upload your résumé on job portals like mtjobs.
  • Hire yourself! How much you make as a medical transcriptionist depends on your skill and productivity. Rates vary from $10.05 – $23.12 per hour.

Despite your military lifestyle, you do have control over your career. Check out how MyCAA funding and perhaps a profession in medical transcription can make the dream of a career you love a reality.

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